Thank you for taking the first step towards seeking support. I know at times it can be a difficult one. Caught up in our daily hassles we often don’t get the chance to listen in on ourselves, to understand what we need, cherish, miss and desire. We develop mechanisms and patterns, some functional others dysfunctional and misleading. Somehow things then just don’t feel right- neither as an individual nore within a partnership. And it is in these moments that we, as much as we seek change, find ourselves entangled and sometimes lost within a vicious and confusing circle of thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Unable to surpass or escape we then somehow, although it clearly feels wrong and uncomforting, accept and nourish that circle. To set new horizons we need to understand decisively what defines our core needs as an individual and within our partnership. Knowledge itself though, will not do. You need to feel it. Truthfully.

In this I can and will support you fully. When working with me you can expect someone who takes strong interest in your case and in you as a person, not only surfacing and unwinding mechanisms and patterns that you find disturbing and challenging, but also confronting and guiding you through aspects of yourself that support these patterns. Using a client centered approach, I provide counseling and therapy for individuals and couples wanting to understand, examine, and effectively change these subconsciously inherent dysfunctional patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior that burden health, emotional satisfaction and interpersonal relationships.

My fields of expertise include the treatment of anxiety, depression, grief, stress and anger, low self-esteem, acute crisis, cultural acclimatisation, relationship and adjustment difficulties, interpersonal communication, as well as supporting personal growth and development.

Preferably we could meet in my private practice, and I will gladly also offer skype sessions for your convenience. I look forward to hearing from and working with you.


Nicholas Bellafiore