A healthy relationship makes us feel safe. In it we learn to let go and grow towards mutual dreams. Happiness in these constellations does not have to be a question of fate, but can be a question of choice. As such, each individual has the power to contribute to a cycle of healing and nurture closeness or a cycle of hurt and possibly establish emotional and physical fatigue as well as a sensation of strong disconnect: We spiral into despair, anxiety, anger, or helplessness. We detach. We cycle out of our love.

The flexibility and compassion to enact upon our partners needs and feelings is largely determined by our past experiences of bonding. We need to feel independent from while knowing that we can depend upon one another. It is in this trust and commitment where we create our true sense of love. Only under such given circumstances can we weather even the strongest storms of life, be they self inflicted, by someone we love or beyond our control. And instead of conflicts wearing us down, these moments reveal themselves as opportunities to reach out, show vulnerability and grow into an even stronger and passionate connection. This shift of experience, mind and heart will counteract on the at times paralyzing momentum of destruction, defeat and hopelessness. A determined approach against the often experienced tendency to numb out physically, melt down emotionally or feel disempowered and sad.

Deescalating this process and reviving a common ground for an open and physically calm dialogue as well as enabling you to understand and feel your counterpart is a crucial step in rediscovering the bond that keeps you together and establishing a healthy and inspiring alternative to mastering conflict.

Empower yourself to take the necessary steps to not only soothe but enrich each other and your science of love. Let me support you by implementing a plan to regain control over your relationship and making a change that will be worth every minute for the rest of your life. Together we will enable you both to understand the dance and the cycle which draws you together and pushes you apart. Change your dynamic constructively, take specific action, and learn to foster and celebrate yourselves together and in a new light by promoting an effective and powerful narrative of communication, strengthening your connection, and deepening your bond by rekindling commitment as well as trust. Together you will master any obstacle. Together you will be safe.

Looking forward to meeting and having the opportunity to work with you.


Nicholas Bellafiore